A powerful app for snagging and managing all site works

SnagID allows you to manage your projects, locations, snags, defects, inspections, issues, Punchlists / Punch Lists, Checklists and many more for your site work from opening to handover.

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About SnagID iOS and Android apps

SnagID - Manage all your projects, snags, defects, inspections, issues for site works


Easy to use

You can organise your projects, locations, snags, tasks, defects, inspections, site survey, punch list, check list and many more. Go anywhere on the site and start your work. No need for any internet connection.

Annotation SDK

SnagID is having the Snap Markup SDK for the annotating the photos. It has the various tools like free draw, line, circle, rectangle, triangle, arrow, curve, blur effects for secret information, texting, cropping and much more.

Share any where

You can generate the report and share to any one and anywhere in the world. You can also open your pdf reports into another pdf supportable app. You can also use directly air printer for the printing the reports.

Dedicated support

We are having the dedicated support team with us. Response time of our team is very less. We tried to respond to our customers in 4 Hrs. You can contact us at

SnagID Offers A Wide Range Of Features

All your sites organised into projects and multi level locations. SnagID helps to users whether they are performing a site auditing, a snag finding, safety inspection, organises a survey, creating a list of works required or providing a quotation and many more.. for your site.

Main app features include Projects, locations, detailed reporting, audio note for each item, clearance notices, site audit and much more.

SnagID is simple to use:
  • Organise snags into projects. Each project is having the client specific information. That is used on pdf reports.
  • Organise project into locations like ‘DLF gateway tower’ project is having 21 floors. So divide the project and 21 locations and add separate snags to each location.
  • Record a snag with a photo, title, assignee/contractor, status, completion date, audio note, and comments.
  • Add annotations on photo with various options like pencil, line, rectangle, circle, arrow, numbers, text and many more….,
  • Generate the customise reports for clients and share it to anywhere in the world.
  • Print the report with help of air printers.

  • SnagID is flexible for use in any industry. It is having various labels those you can customise for any type of reporting. Customise SnagID for you:
  • Change the label of Snag like defect, issues, problems, inspection, observation or any thing.
  • Change the label of location like floor, section, apartment or any thing.
  • Change the label of assignee like company, contractors, client or any thing.
  • Change the date format according to requirements.
In the coming version we will add more functionality and pdf report formats into the app. You can provide provide report formats and suggestion if those will be feasible we will add in coming versions.


Organise your wite works into projects.


Divide project into multiple depth locations like floor 1, floor 2 etc.


Add snag with photo, title, date raised, fix by date, status, description and audio note.

Site Clearances

Generate the separate the site clearance report before start the construction.

Customise Reports

Customise the reports with various labels, location, assign to, client name, company name, auditor name, prepared for and many more.


PDF reports

Custom PDF reports with photos or without photos.

Common Assignee to

You can add predefined Assign to. You can also change this label like company name, contractor or any things from app settings.

Common snag descriptions

You can add predefined snag description. It will list be selective list while adding the item description for saving the typing time for the same items.

Annotation SDK with various tools

Snap markup photo sdk is used with various draw shapes like free draw, rectangle, triangle, line, arrow, circle, numbers, Blur, brazier curve, rotations, text and crop for photo annotating.

And much more!

App is fully compatible on all ios devices. You can manage all your site work by SnagID.

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